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"U CAN" Youth Resilience Coaching / Mentoring Program



Program Description:

The "U Can" is a compassionate youth resilience coaching / mentoring program dedicated to helping high school seniors and first-year college students in developing the interpersonal and life skills they need to successfully navigate the upcoming chapters in their lives, as well as to help them create strong work ethics and top-notch job-related skills to succeed in any entry-level position they find themselves in.

The coaching / mentoring program will be offered by certified youth resilience coaches using the Youth Resilience Coaching curriculum created by the Youth Coaching Institute, as well as certified facilitators using the WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan) strategy. During the program, participants will also be able to learn and practice peer-to-peer mentoring strategies to help each other achieve their life/professional goal, as a team, in a safe environment.

After completion of the program, participants will receive a copy of the Self-Coaching Journal: Coaching Yourself for a Renewed You free of charge and three (3) individual online coaching sessions with a certified youth resilience coach, also free of charge.


Program Coming in January 2024


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