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At the Compassionate Hearts United Academy, our mission is to create a nurturing and supportive environment for individuals seeking to prioritize their mental wellness journey. We are committed to providing a comprehensive range of resources, tools, and guidance to help you achieve mental resilience and inner harmony.


Our team comprises experienced mental health professionals and experts passionate about empowering individuals to navigate life's challenges with confidence and clarity. Through our diverse mental wellness challenges, mental wellness printable worksheets, and online resources, we aim to cultivate mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and practical strategies for achieving personal growth.



Take a Look at the Current Mental Wellness Challenge and Printable Worksheet We Have to Offer



Take a Look at the Self-Coaching Journal We Have Available for You



We are thrilled to announce the inclusion of the "Self-Coaching Journal: Coaching Yourself for a Renewed You," a transformative tool created by our Founder / President Dr. M.C. Reyes, into our curriculum at Compassionate Hearts United Academy. This journal, designed to foster self-awareness, personal growth, and emotional resilience, aligns perfectly with our mission to nurture compassionate, mindful, and empowered individuals. Dr. Reyes's expertise in personal development and mental well-being will undoubtedly enrich our students' learning experiences, providing them with invaluable skills for both academic success and holistic well-being.

This journal is very easy to use since it has been created using a positive psychology approach with a dash of solution-based methods. So, yes, dear friend, we can reassure you that it does work. Now, back to how you will use this journal. If you want this journal to work for you, all you need to do is read the information provided for each topic and then complete the activities related to that topic. We know it's easier said than done, especially when you consider that, by doing these activities, you will be allowing yourself to feel. Well, to be honest with you, that's kind of the point. With this journal, you will be allowing yourself to feel, but it is exactly that self-awareness part of the equation that will help you find ways to help yourself feel better... and that, dear friends, is exactly what "self-coaching" is all about.


Every topic included in this journal (and its accompanying evidence-based activities) will guide you on the path to creating a better life for yourself; one that is not only healthier and more enjoyable to live but also one in which you have the self-coaching tools you need to live one day at a time without allowing life's challenges to take control of your emotions, decisions, and well-being. This journal will help you take back control of your life. It did for Dr. Reyes, and we know it will do the same for you. So, good luck, dear friend, and start enjoying the power of self-coaching. We promise you; you will not be disappointed.



Order Your Self-Coaching Journal Here!




Whether you're exploring mindfulness practices, seeking techniques for stress management, or aiming for personal transformation, the Compassionate Hearts United Academy is here to accompany you on your path. We believe in fostering a community where individuals can connect, learn, and support each other in their mental wellness journey.


Join us as we embark on a journey toward mental wellness, self- discovery, and a fulfilling life at the Compassionate Hearts United Academy.


Note: All the money collected from the Compassionate Hearts Academy will be used to fund our "Give a Heart" Project.


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